Wednesday, 11 June 2014

SPM !!!


TRIAL SPM is just around the corner !
gila gila gila 
cuti 3 minggu nie tak sentuh langsung pon buku .
risauuuuuu gilaaaaaa
cuakkkkkkk !

sebelum cuti konon da berazam nak study .
nak buat revision yg mana tak faham . hahaha
tapi satu apa pon tak buat .
nasib baik takde keje sekolah . haha

Kenapa lah aku memain jee lagi ni !
lagi 2 bulan trial .
and im not ready yet .

10 subjek nak kena buat revision dalam 2 bulan ?
like seriously ?
sangat cukup k masa tuh .
Dulu kemain awal tahun nak start study betul-2 dari awal .
now da bulan 6 tapi masih tak study lagi .
study pon untuk periksa je .
terukkk sangat !

okay i have to wake up right now .
tommorow i will study okay ?
*promise to myself
buat exercise ! exercise ! exercise !

okay semangat da datang . hahaha



Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Look out my window ,
i can see the sun shine ,
up in my bedroom ,
i can't seem to stop crying

And my pillow is a swimming pool
i just don't understand why you did what you did

My girls told me that i should watch out for you ,
i can't help it ,
i've fallen so dumb for you

Silly me , i could think
i could make you fall in love 
tie you down to the ground ,
don't know what i'm thinking now

Maybe it's just me 
got these clouds
above my head
and it won't stop raining

maybe it's just me
i just can't understand why you left
and now i'm waiting

i don't wanna be your hostage anymore ,
i don't wanna be your daydream no more ,

im pickin' up up ,
pickin' up the pieces now
Baby , imma show you how you've been erased

So when the radio 
plays our favourite song ,
ain't no reminiscin' baby ,
imma bout to turn it off

And when i see your name on the telephone
Boy , you must be crazy if you think that im playing along

cause i had you
and you had me 
i played the fool
but now i see 

it's better to erase you

Look in the mirror ,
finally recognized myself ,
problem is i can't see
me with somebody else

Keep having thoughts about you
but knowing you ain't gonna change
i've got to get over it ,

My friends tell me that i gotta keep moving on 
i know they're right ,
but why does it feel so wrong ?

When everything was jaded from the very start
im lying here tryna reach you
from my broken heart , 

Now i've tried and tried
to give and give
i keep on lying to myself

And i cried and cried
through the lonely lies
ain't no medicine , they may go to hell

So i forgive you ,
it's time to forget you ,
imma stitch up my scars ,
stop the bleeding right here , right now !

Get you out of my memory ,
get rid of the missery
i gotta erase you somehow !