Sunday, 25 December 2011

confused = =' ihy or imy ?

isn'it ironic ? we ignore the who adore us , adore the ones that ignore us ,
love the ones that hurt us n hurt the one love us -,-
i love u damn much but y u leave me ?
hurm , but it's okee now i can accept the fact that we not belong to be together .
im happy with my life without u , ur suck n only make me hurt s0o i guess my life is so much better now .
he dumb enough to walk away then be smart enough to let him go .

i miss u , but im trying not to care anymore .
i want to be heartless so no one can hurt me :)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

My SayanG

                     all of them are my sweetheart :) i love all of them

 nieh YANA , cantik kn dia ? cantik sgt-2 XD 
this is my baby , my soul , my everything .
  i really love this girl . please don't take her from me .
   shes kinda nice , shes caring , shes also good listener .
      thanks for everything babe <3


   nieh DIHA comel kan dia ? dia kecik comel je .
   seriously i really miss her :(
    i'm really proud to be your friend , cause i have a friend that never lying me , hurting me , never push me .

   nieh LAILA . lawa kan ? nmpak jew mude tapi matured taw dia nieh .
                 dia selalu jugak lha bagi nasihat , dia tegas . terima kasih taw ? untung dpt sahabat cm kaw .

  lawa kn minah nieh ? nieh MYRA .
    dia HOT kn ? pandai bergaye .
 dia baik , selalu tolong kalau nad ada problem .
          wo ai nie baby  <3

tembam kn budax skolah nieh ? haha
 btw , dia comel sgt-2 . nieh ZYRA .
    dia baik , dia lha yg tolong buad kn blog nieh . terima kasih kawan ? jasamu sentiasa dikenang . HAHA
     buad orang ketawe cm orang gile bagi je kt dia . mmg pro minah nieh . HAHA
  dia suka sangat buad keje gyle . ILY :)

 haa yg nieh pula LILY . HAHA
  okay just kidding . nama dia LIYANA .
   nad da anggap dia cm kaka .
 dia nieh minat gile kt kpop . ta habis-2 dgn put your hands up hands up dia tu . HAHA
 sayang kau lha weyh !

  haa hensem kn mamat nieh ? HAHA
 yg nieh nama dia ALIF .
               okay , dia baik , even kadang-2 suka kena kn orang . ahaha
   kalau nad ada prob selalu jugax lha share dgn dia .
   sweet jgax lha dia nieh . HAHA
  alip , sayang kaw gyle :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

its over LOL

now i know you can easily erase me, throw me away from ur mind :( i hope you happy with ur new life without me , i just wanna u to be happy with me or without me . .
" it hurts to see the person you love happy with someone else . . but it hurts even more to see your person you love unhappy with you " so i decided that i will forget you and pray for your happiness with ur new gf yeahhh it hurt but i will get use to it not all the thing's that we want in this world we can have it ritee? ? ?
i love you but i have to accept the fact that ur heart is not belong to me

Friday, 25 November 2011

New Blogger

hye all , im nadia :)
but do cll me nad , ♥ okeyyy ? haha i ♥ you
i'm new here! This is my new blog , Follow me yeayhhh !